Delving into Wi-Fi networks

There are millions of Wi Fi Networks across the world and since they have appeared a few years back, they have had a massive impact on the world that we live in. They are very much used in the realm of communication since they can facilitate a data transfer that is fast, secure and easy to make. The number of such networks is increasing on a daily basis because people have had enough with cables and the hassles that they come with. If just for fun, we are to compare the way that such networks were a few years back and how much they have advanced till the present day, the difference would be enormous. When it comes to data transfer, such networks use the IEEE 802.11 standard.
But when it comes to these networks, they also have a flaw and that flaw consists in the fact that they can be easily accessed if they are not password protected. Using passwords, you will never have to worry that your data will be visible and accessed by a third party.

In order to set up wifi networks, there are a few components that must be brought together. These components are the wireless router, the network card and of course, the modem, which will have the router connected to it through a cable. When it comes to the range of such a network, it is usually stacked at sixty one meters. This means that it doesn’t really matter in what room of your house you will be, you will still have access to your data.  Keep in mind that if you are also using other devices that work through a wireless mode, you will have your range cut into half and reaching around 30 meters of covered area.

But if you want to fix this and have an improved coverage area, then you will be able to do this by getting a signal booster. After you will enable it, the performance of the network and also the coverage area will dramatically improve. Remember, an open network means that anyone can connect to it, whereas if you have a closed network, there will be a password which the ones wishing to connect to it will need to type.

There are a lot of wireless connections everywhere you look, starting from your mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology to other high speed wireless transfer devices. Make sure to disable printer and file sharing if you want to have your data protected.